School me on a GPS navigation solution

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School me on a GPS navigation solution

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It's not final yet, but my wife looks to be the top candidate for a new job. However, this job will have her driving around most of this state and the next. She gets lost trying to find her car in the parking lot.Given these two facts, a GPS navigation system seems to be in order. I, unfortunately, have never owned GPS, and am thus not at all familiar with consumer offerings.I currently have an excellent PDA, a Dell Axim x51v, and the wife occasionally seems interested in going that route. Numerous PDA GPS implimentations exist, though I have no way of sorting out the good ones from the bad.We also have a Dell laptop, and she will likely be getting a laptop from this new job. Laptops too have GPS solutions available.There is also the possibility of a stand alone unit. I know next to nothing about these.So, what are the relative merrits and drawbacks of the three possible platforms? Can the laptop and PDA potentially use the same hardware? How will that impact any software / hardware bundles -- and are software / hardware GPS bundles a good way to go? What *is* the best navigation software, in your collective experiences?

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